YouthRoots is a leadership nonprofit that teaches teenagers how to change the world through philanthropy. We're an innovative high school program growing strong leaders and healthy communities through philanthropy, curriculum, and civic engagement. 

The community impact of YouthRoots is multifaceted:
 Develops young leaders who are capable of improving their communities
Increases the funding pool available for local nonprofits
Connects disparate sectors of community, including business, youth, and nonprofits

YouthRoots uses a 3-step philanthropy process to empower students to impact their communities:
1) Community Needs Assessment: Teens identify the most pressing issues facing their communities.
2) Fundraising: Create and implement a fundraising plan to raise money for their selected issues. Each team raises $5,000 - $10,000 every year.
3) Grant-Making: Groups grant away 100% of what they raise to